Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cyd's Jacksonville Blog

I'm writing a blog that focuses on Jacksonville, Oregon, and its immediate surroundings. Please drop by and consider visiting Jacksonville next time you're in Southern Oregon!  
My bucolic front porch in Jacksonville, Oregon
Here's my new blog's address: 

This is a walk-through tour of the pet-friendly cottage in my peaceful backyard.

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Our Jacksonville airbnb is Up and Running!

Cyd and Gary's new airbnb location at 650 Sterling Street, Jacksonville, Oregon
We've completed remodeling the upstairs of our 1875 Jacksonville farmhouse. The upstairs bathroom now has clean, shiny white tiles on the floor and walls. We are renting the upstairs suite for $90/night--a real bargain compared to Ashland prices. 

Three views of the upstairs attic suite.

Of course, at these prices the meals are NOT included. Cyd would be delighted to make you your favorite Albion Inn breakfast extravaganza for $15/person. Or we could do a smaller breakfast for $5, or just skip breakfast altogether, as you wish. Just let me know in advance so I can prepare.

Our home also has a darling, pet-friendly cottage in the totally fenced backyard. The cottage is also child-friendly, and features a queen sized bed and bunkbeds for the kids.  The cottage rents for $130/night.
This is the cottage at 650 Sterling Street, Jacksonville, Oregon
We're using airbnb to handle booking and reservations. Here's the link:

Our phone number remains the same:  541-488-3905. Give us a call! We'd love to hear from you.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

We're Moving Back Up To Jacksonville!

Good news!  We are moving back up to Oregon this month. We have purchased an adorable historic home in Jacksonville, just a stone's throw from Ashland. 
Gary and Cyd's new home in Jacksonville, Oregon
This time around we are going to open just one or two rooms for guests, and book everything through AirB&B. This should keep expenses down and we will be able to offer a bedroom and bath for under $100. We hope to be open for guests by May of this year, 2016.

The property also has a free-standing cottage in the back yard that we will be able to offer to guests for a very reasonable rate.

We are so happy to return to Oregon from our sojourn in southern California. I missed the woods, the rain, you, and even the deer!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I really miss you-all and the inn!

It's official! I really do miss my guests and keeping up-to-date with your lives. I can picture your happy faces and, by golly, I miss 'em! You can always reach me via the internet. Just google Cyd Ropp. Or "friend" me on facebook, if you like.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Happy Holidays from your Ex-Innkeepers!

Happy Holidays to You from Sunny Southern California! 
Our new modular house in Encinitas, CA. Just 2 blocks from the beach! That's Gary taking down the For Sale sign.

Franny and Zoey relaxing in our backyard "mini-beach."
Missing you-all for sure!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Albion Inn Has SOLD

The Albion Inn has sold. Escrow is scheduled to close on October 15th, 2014. 
We are no longer taking reservations. Guests who are holding reservations will be accommodated through October 13th.

The buyers do not want to continue operation as a bed and breakfast. We wish them well in their endeavors and we hope that the peace of the Albion will continue to bless them and the house's occupants.

Gary and Cyd will be moving on to parts unknown at the present time. You can always reach Cyd through her other blog, A Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything.

Onward and upward!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Another Grimm Visits the Albion Inn!

Jacqueline Toboni, AKA "Truble", visits the Albion Inn.

Jacqueline Toboni poses for pix with innkeeper Cyd Ropp and the Albion's housekeeper, Rayetta Clark.

Jacqueline Toboni, AKA "Truble", with innkeeper Cyd Ropp
If I were better with names, I would have realized that the new co-star of television's "Grimm" had a reservation at the Inn. Of course I recognized her as soon as she arrived. This time I managed to hold off slathering her with fandom until after the tour of the inn. 

Then I asked her, "Are you an actor?" 
"Yes," she replied.
"Are you on the TV show "Grimm"? I asked.
"Yes I am," she said. 
At which point I gave her the big, big hug reserved only for visiting Grimms.
No, she hadn't heard from David Giuntoli that he stayed here last year. Purely coincidence that two Grimms have stayed with us. Who's next? Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio?

We had a great talk out in the garden after breakfast, joined by her mother, Mary, who was also a guest at the Inn. Jacqueline was happy to talk about her role on Grimm. She was cast for the role right out of her MFA program in Michigan, when the show's producer came to give a talk about television screenwriting at her school. Jacqueline stopped herself from leaking any spoilers, but I'm guessing we're going to be seeing a lot more of Jacqueline in the years to come.  And, just like David Giuntoli before her, Jacqueline got an earful of the Simple Explanation of Absolutely Everything and left with an autographed copy of my book. 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Friday's Funny Fruit Salad

Check out these too cute fruit salads from the Albion Inn. Monkey faces!
Funny fruit salad monkey faces at the Albion Inn.

Funny fruit salad monkey faces at the Albion Inn.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

4th of July in Ashland

Ashland is a wonderful place to be on 4th of July. If you like small-town Americana, Ashland's parade can't be beat. Everyone lays out blankets and tapes off spaces along the parade route days in advance, and no one steals their stuff! Every year the parade begins with a fly-over at 10:15, then the marchers move the parade along from Triangle Park near SOU to the downtown Plaza. That's a lot of blocks if you're doing somersaults the whole way as the gymnastics school did.

Enjoy these pictures, which only represents about 45 minutes of a parade that goes on for a couple of hours. If you stay at the Albion Inn, this scene is steps from your door. Can you hear the John Phillips Sousa marches?

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ashland Well Represented at the Tony Awards

You may have heard that this year's best play, "All the Way," opened here at Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Did you know our Creative Director, Bill Rauch, directed the play both here in Ashland and at the Neil Simon Theatre in New York? On Broadway, actor Bryan Cranston played the starring role of LBJ and won a Best Actor for his effort.

The sequel to "All the Way" -- "The Great Society" -- is playing this summer here at OSF, starring our own Jack Willis in the lead role.

But that's not all! James Monroe Iglehart, who won Best Featured Actor in a Musical as the Genie in Alladin, is also an Ashland theatre alumnus (Moe" in "Five Guys Named Moe" at the Cabaret Theatre). 

Congrats everyone! Great theatre all around!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

"Slings and Arrows" -- Wonderful television for theatre lovers!

Gary and I have been enjoying watching an old Canadian television program called "Slings and Arrows" on Netflix. A couple of our guests told us about it, and I'm so glad they did, I'd like to pass the favor on to you. If you've never seen "Slings and Arrows," or if it's been years since you've had the pleasure, then it's high time you saw it!

Here's what the internet movie data base has to say on the subject:

IMDb: Slings and Arrows (2003)
In the fictional town of New Burbage, legendary theatrical madman Geoffrey Tennant returns to the New Burbage Theatre Festival, the site of his greatest triumph and most humiliating failure, to assume the artistic directorship after the sudden death of his mentor, Oliver Welles. When Geoffrey arrives he finds that Oliver is still there, in spirit anyway, and with his guidance (and often in spite of it) Geoffrey attempts to reconcile with his past while wrestling the festival back from the marketing department. Despite a bitter leading lady, a clueless leading man, and a scheming general manager, he manages to stage a remarkable production of Hamlet -- the play that drove him mad.
Written by The Movie Network - Synopsis

To watch a trailer for the program, click here.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cabaret Theatre's Ain't Misbehavin'

Share The Fun of Opening Night

Our summer show is the exuberant and exhilarating AIN'T MISBEHAVIN' featuring the swinging music of Thomas "Fats" Waller.  It's a highly entertaining show overflowing with great tunes, powerhouse singing & dancing and a killer band. The shows runs from June 4 through August 31. It's a great show to bring your summer visitors to for a memorable night at the Cabaret.

Opening night is Friday, June 6 and there is still good seating available. Why not join us for the fun of  OPENING NIGHT? But don't wait. Call or order online today to get your table.  
Order online or Call 541 488 2902.

Meet our super-talented cast in the Christopher Briscoe photos below. We are happy to welcome back Cabaret favorite Christopher George Patterson and to introduce Ashley D. Kelley, Abena Mensah-Bonsu, Roslyn Seale & Rod Singleton. Leading the band is Musical Director Jordan Richardson on piano with Tom Freeman on drums and Daryl Fjeldheim on reeds.

The show is directed by Jim Giancarlo with choreography by Christopher George Patterson & Jim Giancarlo.
There's another professional company in Ashland--Oregon's Cabaret Theatre. At the Cabaret you can have dinner and enjoy lots of singin' and dancin'. Give us a call here at the Albion Inn before booking... we have some $5 off coupons for the show.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Sue's Watercolor of the Albion Inn

One of our guests painted this lovely little watercolor of the front of the inn. She also added one of our garden's fabulous irises to the picture.

Thank you, Sue!
Guest's painting of the Albion Inn. Thank you , Sue!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mid-May Flowers at the Albion Inn

The beauty of this spring continues to unfold. Many of these pictures feature irises from Schreiner's Gardens in Salem, Oregon.

A quiet corner of the Albion Inn's garden.

Looking toward the back porch sliding doors. We painted green
vines on the doors so the birds wouldn't smash into the glass.

Deep red roses amidst the green.

Irises in the Albion Inn's garden are a gift from Schreiner's Gardens in Salem.

The Albion Inn's patio.

From the Albion Inn's back porch toward the wisteria vine and flame tree.

The Albion Inn's kitchen herb garden--borage, chives, oregano, roses, and pansies.

The Albion Inn's irises were a gift from our guest, Dave Schreiner.

Another fabulous iris from Schreiner's Gardens.

Sshhh... angel sleeping.

The Albion Inn now has the most amazing collection of Schreiner's Gardens bulbs.

Uniquely colored irises from Schreiner's Gardens are scattered about the Albion Inn's garden.

No redder roses.